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full service computer repair

Computer diagnosis
Free when you drop off your computer at the office. Find out what's really wrong BEFORE you spend money.
Anti Virus & Tune Up
We'll nurse your computer back to health again
Backup/Data Transfer
Copy or move your important files
Hardware Installation
We're the computer surgeons
New System Setup
So you can take it home and actually use it!
Operating System Upgrade
Out with the old, in with the new
Password Reset
Lost your key? We're the locksmith
PC Dusting
Mothball removal service
Recovery Disk Creation
Broken Windows? Replace them with this!
Software Installation
Like organizing your toolkit so you can find it later
System Recovery
A fresh start for your computer

Reliable repair services that suit your needs

We know how much people rely on their computers; we'd probably go crazy if we were stuck without ours. Whether it's for personal or business use, having your computer crash on you can be a huge inconvenience, and we'll try to get it back up and running as soon as we can. We offer in-office, on-site, and remote support online, and have rush options available too in case you need your computer back that much sooner.

We don't believe in cure-all solutions

The first thing we'll do when you drop off your computer is run your hardware through our free diagnostic tests. There's no sense in looking for viruses if your hard drive is about to die, we'd just be wasting everyone's time. A slow computer could be plagued with malware, or maybe you just have a bad stick of RAM. If we find anything physically wrong with it, we'll let you know and we can discuss your options before proceeding.

And remember, our work is guaranteed for 30 days. If your problem comes back in that time, bring it in and we'll fix it again at no additional charge.

Concerned about data loss?

Wiping a computer's hard drive is the easy way out of dealing with an infection or other software problem, and is almost never in the customer's best interests. We want to get you back to normal as soon as possible, and that does not mean making you sit and re-install all your programs, reconfigure your email, and hope that you had a copy of the photos from your daughter's first birthday saved somewhere else.

Your data is important to you, and we will make every effort to ensure it stays intact and you can use your computer as soon as you get it back.

Getting it right the first time - getting you back to normal